10 Collecting Corvette – Part 2 post 2000
We conclude our guide to collecting America’s only real
mass-produced sport car. Since 2000 slot car wise, we have
been spoilt.
18 R ays Classics
Here we look at some more of Ray Lego’s work. This time
he sprinkles his magic on some early 1950’s Grand Prix
plastic kit models.
24 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
After making a joke about the name in the title of an
Edwardian model article by Rod Grant in a previous issue,
Philip Prestage has sent me his take on the real Movie car.
28 T he North American NSR Races
We have a report here from Michigan, where the North
American NSR race meeting took place over the weekend
of the 9th-10th October.
34 Past Forward
We take a backwards look at the British company – Super
Shells, which rather curiously leads us right up to the
present day!
40 W ill new into old go?
Take a 55-year-old injection moulded body, place it on a
modern-day club race style chassis, and see what happens.
44 Mount Merkle
Fred Merkle from New Jersey has built a wonderful track at
home, for his friends and himself to race on. We wish we
had friends like Fred!
50 T he Best of 2021
We take another look at the year’s most influential slot car
releases and come up with a top three for our ‘Car of the Year’.
52 Workshop
Our old friend Mark Hatton has been white kit building
again. This time he has had a touch of Marlboro madness –
triple time!
56 Club Report
Things might just be getting back normal as club racing
resumes. We look at the Luton Slot Car Club’s new track –
Manor Farm, based near Biggleswade.
60 T ea trays and Spitfires
What sort of a title can that mean for a 1970’s Scalextric F1
car re-build? You will just have to turn to page 60!

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