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10 F3N World Cup
Many of the top European pilots headed to the BMFA’s
National Visitor Centre at Buckminster for the UK round of the
F3N World Cup. Some challenging weather conditions really
tested the flying skills but as usual the crème rose to the top
26 Beginner’s Guide
The drone market is huge and can be incredibly confusing to
a newbie so in this article we address drone safety including
where best to fly and what precautions to take, as well as an
overview of the many types of drone available
44 Nuremberg Toy Fair 2019
At first glance, it appeared that there was a limited amount of
heli and drone product on show at this year’s Toy Fair but as
you will see from this issue’s report, the editorial team found
quite a lot of interesting items from established exhibitors as
well as new ones

14 Blade Fusion 480
Ian Peckett builds the latest Blade Fusion model and their new
480-size model. Based around a lightweight carbon fibre
and aluminium construction, the Fusion 480 also features a
belt-driven tail assembly that will offer their most aggressive
heli to date
36 E-flite Opterra 1.2m
With the latest Opterra, E-flite has gone with a smaller model
that lends itself to even more applications wide range of
capabilities that includes everything from sport flying and
performing aerobatics, to soaring and beyond
48 Yuneec Mantis Q
Yuneec has entered the folding drone market with their Mantis
Q model but makes it stands out from the crowd with voice
control. Ideal for your travels, the model can achieve speeds
of up to 72kph, offers up to 33 minutes of flight time on a
charge, has visual tracking, 4K video and a 13MP camera,
and we find out exactly what it is capable of

Price: £5.50