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12 F3N UK Pre-Season Social
Ahead of the 2019 season, the F3N UK competitors,
families and supporters got together for some indoor flying
and much more at Northolt High Sports Centre
36 Electric Conversion for A Scale Hirobo
In the first of a two-part series, our scale heli features
continue as Jon Tanner converts a nitro-powered Hirobo
Huey to electric
46 Torvol Freestyle Pitstop Bag
One of the smaller bags from Torvol is their Freestyle
Pitstop model. It can be carried over the shoulder that as
well as carrying your drone, tools and accessories, has an
integrated portable work area that unfolds. Shaun Taylor
loaded it up and took it flying to see how it coped

16 Hubsan 123D X4 Jet
This racing drone is smaller than usual and comes as a
Ready-To-Fly model with transmitter and integrated 5.8G
FPV monitor. Equipped with powerful brushless motors
and tri-bladed propellers for responsive power, we put the
complete package to the test
26 DJI Mavic Air
The Mavic Air positions itself in the DJI consumer range
between the Spark and Mavic 2 models and combines
the best of both with its compact size but retaining lots of
great technology as found in DJI’s larger drones
48 SAB Goblin 700 Drake Edition
Featuring the graphics that were first seen on the SAB’s
Avio line, the 700-size heli gets a make-over with a new
paint scheme for the popular platform

Price: £5.50