Issue Three of RC Electric Flyer

4 Newsdesk
The latest round up of news and what’s been
happening in the world of RC
6 New Products
Our trip around the model shops bringing you the
latest innovations
28 Your Call
Your letters and opinions aired and the best wins a prize
56 Questions & Answers
Fly fi eld chit chat clarifi ed
90 Model Example
Shane Harding’s superb scratch built Hawker Hunter for EDF
92 Something to read
Latest books worth a read and ideal for reference
95 Next Month
Plenty to get your teeth into next month including the
latest products tested on your behalf!
96 Dates and meetings
Don’t miss the events this month plus our club feature
98 Over and Out
FPV – i.e. First Person View is a totally new way to fl y
R/C and it’s catching on fast

16 How hot is a Volcano
RCEF’s Paul Jubb reviews Valenta’s terrifi c all moulded
electric super ship
30 Carerra Green Chopper
Marking a change in direction for Carrera,
from cars to helicopters
40 PB Models Crossbow
A superb little pattern ship from PB models –
something to build for a change
46 Hangar 9 P-40
Everyone loves a Spitfi re – P-51 Mustang’s are
everywhere so how about a P-40?
66 Max Thrust MX-2
Carve up the Sky with Century UK’s superb
Max Thrust MX 2
70 Super Cub
Horizon Hobby’s Super Cub reviewed – we like it!
74 Heli Xpress
A little fun machine from Silverlit to keep the
kids occupied through the school holidays!
76 Sanwa ST – 10G
Deservedly popular in the USA and marketed as
Airtronics – Sanwa’s super radio is well worth a closer look

24 Look After Your Flight Batteries
More crucial information from our resident expert –
how to look after your valuable fl ight batteries
36 Telemetry Explained
Why you need it and how it can work for you
52 Repair foam
Don’t bin it when you bend it – broken bits back
together with our money saving tips
58 Choose a power set
Matching power sets is a bit of a black art –
we get you started on the road to success
62 The Big Cover Up
Finishing with fi lm is easy if you’re methodical
82 How To Fly
Start as you mean to go on – getting into the
hobby the right way

86 Delyn Fly In
Delyn’s summer fl ying for fun meet




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