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14 Oxy 5 Nitro
This new heli is the first nitro-powered model to be released under
the Oxy brand, harking back to the days when Oxy’s owner Luca
Invernizzi started flying and nitro was the only option available. In
the first of a multi-part feature, Ian Peckett gets the heli built, engine
installed and electrical items fitted ahead of the first test flights
24 Hirobo Shuttle Plus 2
With nitro and electric options, and flybar or flybarless package
alternatives available, the Shuttle Plus 2 is an incredibly versatile
platform that will have wide appeal to many different owners.
With longevity in mind, Jon Tanner went down the electric
flybarless route with the SXX EP FL kit he reviewed inside
36 Integrating UAV Operations with
General Aviation
As drone use becomes more popular and an ever-increasing
part of our future, Keith Vinning assess the current situation with
regard to how pilots monitor other aircraft and what the future
holds for UAVs
42 NewBeeDrone Vivid
The Vivid is NBD’s latest 5-inch freestyle frame and has been
designed specifically to be used with DJI’s HD Air Unit. Drawing on
NBD’s portfolio of components, we installed an Infinity 4-in-1 speed
controller/flight controller with Smoov motors and an OptiPower
6S LiPo for one high-end build
50 Osbourn On Top
The second of the 2020 F3N League events saw the
competitors head to Cuffley Model Flying Club with this round
also incorporating the team trials for the 2021 World F3CN
Championships in Romania. After Aaron Cole won the first round
held at the Flyin’ Fish field in Ickenham, Middlesex, Duncan
Osbourn would be keen to regain that number one spot
58 1st-RC Buffer Pack
It’s important to consider the safety of your aircraft in flight to not
only protect your investment but anyone around it. 1st-RC’s Buffer
Pack is a low-cost plug-and-play unit that can be used in a number
of different applications to prevent the worst from happening

Price: £5.50